Taylor Swift Gives Behind-The-Scenes Look At Recording ‘Delicate’

posted by Allison Stubblebine, Billboard

Taylor Swift shared her latest behind the scenes video from the making of reputation¬†late Tuesday (Nov. 15), this time focusing on the making of “Delicate.” The video is part of a series for Taylor Swift NOW on DIRECTV, titled The Making of a Song.


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This clip is significantly less produced than the previous behind–the-scenes videos released for the “Look What Made Me Do” video, though it provides some fascinating insight into the singer’s dedication to her craft. Swift is shown sitting on a floral couch with producer Max Martin nearby, playing around with the recordings on a vocoder as she sings along, concentrating on getting the pacing and feel of the vocals just right.

In the third minute of the video, Swift finally nails the rhythm she’s looking for, and does an adorable dance when she realizes she caught the moment on video to go back to for reference.

Photo: Getty Images